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Alder & Sound is the partner of growth companies and groups operating on the international market in all tax and legal matters.

Franz was commissioned to design a facelift for the company's office premises in the center of Helsinki. The aim was to change the functionality of the space from a traditional office to a communal space where it is possible to work in a variety of ways and it is also nice to spend free time.

A cafe-like lounge space took shape in the center of the space, with a warm rooftop terrace with the best views of the city planned as a continuation. Negotiation and social facilities were able to function well alongside these. At the ends of the office, on the other hand, an open and quiet workspace naturally settled, the rhythm of which was divided by small conference rooms and phone booths integrated into the furniture.

The space's original architecture guided the design and efforts were made to highlight the existing elements. Natural materials that last a long time were chosen as materials, and shades from the company's brand were chosen for the color palette. The design of the lighting took into account the control of the lighting, which makes it possible to change the appearance of the space if desired to also be suitable for evening events.


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
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