Boon Nam

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Boon Nam offers small bites full of flavour, aromatic spicy salads and juicy charcoal barbequed meats from Isan region, creamy coconut curries from central Thailand and fresh seafood dishes from Southern Thailand. The unforgettable dinner is enjoyed in a warm and elegant environment, ground floor of Hotel St. George. The hotel guests enjoy their breakfast in the restaurant's environment, so the design had to take into account the multifunctionality of the space. “Franz got a good understanding of our vision for Boon Nam and what kind of atmosphere we were after. Now the space strongly supports the restaurant experience. Wood, warmth, sensitivity and charm were added to the space, which supports Boon Nam's concept and the nuanced and colorful Thai cuisine. ”

-Tomi Björck, the executive chef & concept visionary of Boon Nam


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
+358 44 7380551