Haawe Boutique Apart Hotel

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Haawe (The Dream) is a 14 room luxury boutique hotel located in the center of Rovaniemi in northern Finland. The building was originally built in 1933 and it’s historically remarkable for standing after the war while most of the town was burned to the ground. The concept is inspired by Lapland’s magical nature and each room has a unique nordic theme created with high-quality materials. Our team started with unique lighting technology and elements to create bold, comfortable moods for each room. T

he themes vary between a summery mountain brook, the rich colors of autumn in Lapland, to cold and snowy fjäll color schemes.The apartments are from 28 square meters up to 65 square meters with well equipped kitchens and bathrooms.Each design and detail was created to follow the clients strong visions about the dream of Haawe.

Haawe has been featured in following publications:Forbes: “Igloos To Ice Hotels: Eight Places For Arctic Luxury In Finnish Lapland” (November 20, 2019).Architonic: “HAAWE BOUTIQUE HOTEL” (May, 2019).Design Milk: “Design Milk Travels to… Lapland, Finland” (June 27, 2019). & “Haawe Hotel: Themed Rooms Inspired by the Nature of Lapland” (June 26, 2019).Architonic: “Check in, Get Naked: The Destination Hotel Bathroom” (March, 2020).

Photography by Kota Collective Jani Kärppä


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
+358 44 7380551