Music Museum & Restaurant Fame

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The Music Museum Fame constitutes of two separate parts; the restaurant on the first floor, and the museum upstairs. Though separate spaces and functions, both visually and spatially, they support and complement each other.

The museum is divided into several smaller spaces, portraying Finnish music and pop culture in a variety of ways. In the heart of the space is a gallery of honor, portraying a curated selection of Finnish artists through time. The central theme of the museum is accomplished through acoustics and lighting. The dark atmosphere elevates the exhibition and creates a depth in the space. The restaurant has a presence of rhythm, light and nature, and creates an easily approachable and intimate space.

The venue will also host concerts and other events related to the museum.In addition to the restaurant, the downstairs also serves as the ticket sales office and gift shop for the museum.


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
+358 44 7380551