Naughty BRGR

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The first Naughty BRGR restaurant designed by Franz was opened in Lahti in May 2021. We brightened the existing bold concept and paid attention to property’s history as a petrol station and added special features from motorsport.One of the main guidelines of our design was that Naughty BRGR restaurants are not just places for people looking for a great burger but rather a state of mind that you can see in the whole restaurant space.”

The designers of Franz listened us excellently and assimilated our brand very well. The concept was implemented to the space with Naughty BRGR´s deepest essence and they brought many great artistic ideas without specified budget information. Franz has a great understanding about restaurant designing and in addition the communication has been agile and the project moved forward smoothly despite tight schedule. Franz´s strong expertise, creativity and the great understanding of the concept are seen in the final result.”

Joseph Youssef
Development Director
Naughty BRGR


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
+358 44 7380551