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Franz designed the "Office Mikonkatu" premises in the center of Helsinki. The office space, located in a property built at the end of the 19th century, includes working and meeting areas, and kitchen-lounge spaces for staff.

The office was designed as the company's first own office in Finland, therefore it was particularly important to understand the space’s needs required by the company. It was important to build a distinctive look for the space as a whole in addition to a functional floor plan.

The functionality, quality and usability of the premises strongly guided the design. The office wanted to be designed as a representative place for customers and visitors without forgetting the comfort of the employees. The stylish and atmospheric look was created in interaction with the customer. While planning the continuous atmospheric elegance throughout the spaces, the employee’s well-being was also taken into account. In the choice of materials and shades, the designers wanted to take a reference from dignified architecture. The lighting was adjusted in different spaces to match both the atmosphere and usability.


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