One Office

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Franz designed ”One Office” -space in the center of Helsinki. The office space located in the property from the end of the 19th century contains the spaces of four companies. It was important to understand the space needs required by the nature of each company's work, and to build a functional floor plan as well as a distinctive look for the space as a whole.

The functionality, adaptability and usability of the spaces strongly guided the design. The spaces were designed for flexible working and different ways of working were taken into account, from quiet spaces of different sizes to open spaces that support project work.

The colorful and detailed look was created in interaction with the client. A consistent look throughout the line creates a sense of community and an experience of free movement between spaces. The lighting was adjusted in different spaces to match both the atmosphere and usability.

The communal event space became not only a functional workspace but also a relaxed and social gathering and hangout place. Additional spice was brought to the premises with a game room, which is suitable for testing new games as well as for internal meetings.


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
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