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The office building of OOPS (Oasis of Professionals) was built in Hatsinanpuisto, Espoo Finland. Franz designed the surfaces of the 1st floor lobby areas with toilets and the conference center.The look of OOPS' facilities was designed to be modern yet timeless. The aim was to create a charming premise that would be compelling for both office and external visitors.”

We are very pleased with our co-operation in this project. Franz succeeded in concretizing NCC's wishes and state of mind into a result that exceeded our expectations. The users of the facilities have been really pleased with the look of the lobby and the public areas, as well as the conference center. Franz added value to the collaboration between the parties, the project and ultimately the impressive outcome. We will definitely ask their vision for our future projects.”

Pirkka Pikkarainen, Project Director
Markus Pahikkala, Project Manager
NCC Property Development Oy


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
+358 44 7380551