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The unique Italian restaurant Scolare and the Enoteca Banco Vini -wine bar in the same premises were designed for Pekka Terävä's Olo Collection in the center of Helsinki. Ecological and circular economy are emphasized in the material and furniture choices, which create a rich personal atmosphere. The old stone floors and the spectacular original skylight give depth to the rough and living red brick and concrete surfaces uncovered during the construction work.

In addition to the space's materials, a large part of the loose furniture is old, both recycled and refurbished. The living wooden surface of the fixed furniture brings warmth and elegance to the space. One of the most impressive elements of the restaurant is the wine room located in the main hall, which divides the bar and the restaurant into separate spaces. Scolare has two cabinets and a spectacular open kitchen. The atmosphere in the restaurant is open, but warm. Personal details, furniture and views inspire and complement the restaurant experience. Colorful works of art, genuine materials, haptics and a warm atmosphere are strongly present, creating an opportunity for the experiencer to travel to the world of the many senses.


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
+358 44 7380551