Touhula Daycare

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Franz Design’s collaboration with Touhula daycare began two years ago. The first pilot project was finished in Pitäjänmäki Helsinki in autumn of 2019.The main idea behind the new collaboration was to develop new multifunctional concepts together with the daycare staff.

In the future, kindergardens are expected to have more and more transformative and multifunctional spaces that adapt to different situations and can meet the individual needs of each kindergarten.All rooms have a child-friendly design, which means that everyday repeated activities are easily accessible to children. The materials and colors in the public areas were built to be natural and soothing.

The Pitäjänmäki site is located at the foot of a large office building. The absolute strengths of the space are openness, adaptability and all-natural light.


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
+358 44 7380551