Wine & Cafe Olavi

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Teerenpeli Group is a family-owned company which consists of Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery, Teerenpeli restaurants and Taivaanranta, A la carte restaurant. The newest addition to the reastaurant family is Wine & Café Olavi in Lahti.The restaurant group wanted to create a new concept that would offer cafeteria products, food and wine from early in the morning to late at night. The Café serves everything from breakfast to after work wines and brunch on the weekends.

The Café is named after Olavi Lanu, a local sculptor and a professor. His art is spread around Lahti area and a park Lanupuisto is also named after him. The client wished for a relaxed, easily approachable and interesting space that would offer something new every visit.


Maiju Hasko-HALonen
+358 44 7380551