Franz designed an update of the general and outdoor spaces of Kemira's former head office, which was completed in 1986.

The goal of the project was to expand the lobby spaces to better suit the building's functions and value, freshen up the look and functionality of the courtyard areas, and update the parking garage to match the rest of the property's look. In addition to this, the general guidance of the whole house played a big role in the design.

Franz designed the lobby's lighting and furniture, as well as surface updates, respecting the property's history. In addition to the large lobby space, the building has 8 office floors, as well as  sports facilities and a parking garage located in the basement.

The reddish stone floor of the lobby and the staircase rising from the lobby played a big role in the design, and the view from the high-rise windows of the house was wanted to be part of the whole with new furniture, signage and greenery. The main hall of the house was designed with dignified counter furniture for the lobby service, the toilets got a new timeless fresh look, and the surfaces of the stairwells were updated to be fresher.

Today, the property bearing the name Roihu comprehensively and flexibly serves companies from various sectors in the heart of Helsinki's business life.


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