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The modern Japanese Sanchome Restaurant and Bar is designed with a combination of umami dark tones and miso delicate lightness. Broken shades of light and dark as well as high-quality materials and craftsmanship create a harmonious wholeness.

The complex is complemented by a unique location in connection with the most iconic Hotel Kämp in the center of Helsinki.

The tiered space is divided into smaller parts that are different in appearance and rhythm. The long wall of the rectangular space has an open kitchen and also the absolute gem of the restaurant, Roku Omakase.Omakase is a unique and intimate six-seater restaurant inside the actual restaurant: Only six guests during the evening can partake the secrets of Japanese cuisine and follow the activities of sushi masters up close.

The views of the restaurant are open and limited at thesame time. Pillars and translucent grilles rhythmize the space and create tension between the different spaces. The diner will have an innate interest in exploring the space with all their senses.The light bar area invites you to relax at the bar counter or sit down with the party. The large windows opens up from the bar to the pedestrian street, which also has a quiet terrace.

As in previous Tomi Björck´s & Co projects (Lily Lee and Boon Nam), the interior is designed around the food and drinks. The seamless union of these creates a holistic six-sensory experience for the customer.


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